C B R of P w D  


  • Awareness building;
  • Organizing Pwds and their family members;
  • Screening and counseling;
  • Preventive measures;
  • Mobilization of resources & facilities for PwDs; enrolment;
  • Vocational trainings for eligible PwDs and school enrolment;
  • Vocational trainings for self employment;
  • Economic self reliance of PwDs through thrift and micro credit;
  • Over 300 PwDs from 20 villages identified and organized into 20 SHGs;
  • Formation of village based PwD welfare committees;
  • Growing concern for PwDs in the villages and schools;
  • Growing self confidence and aspiration for skill training and self employment among PwDs;
  • Growing interest among child PwDs to join school;
  • Bridge school for illiterate PwDs in all the Villages;
  • Awareness, Screening, counseling, preventive & curative measures;
  • Organizing PwDs SHGs, Thrift & Credit & resource mobilization;
  • Formation of village and area action committees;
  • Bridge schools and vocational trainings for self employment.

Community Based Rehabilitation of the physically and mentally disadvantaged. Awareness building, demonstration, service & resource facilitation with special concentration on children. Often the disabled in the rural areas are looked down upon, a burden, a curse, etc. and teased and tossed around and neglected and rejected.  Major reasons for occurrence of disabilities among new born are ignorance, malnutrition, superstition, etc.  Hence the basic approach should be to enhance awareness and bring about attitudinal changes among the public.  Hence awareness program as primary and priority approach.

  • Over 600 PwDs of 30 villages identified, organized and federated;
  • Concern & expression of solidarity towards PwDs in the villages;
  • Growing self confidence & aspiration for skills& self dependency
  • Active multilevel committees for welfare & development of PwDs.


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    C B R of P w D  
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