Child Labor  


  • A wareness camps on child labor – laws;
  • Motivation and counseling;
  • Bridge school for girl child laborers;
  • School enrolment of child laborers;
  • Vocational training for child laborers;
  • Rehabilitation of child laborers
  • Residential bridge school for 100 girl child laborers;
  • Positive and healthy awareness on child labor;
  • Enhanced status and respect for girls in the family and society;
  • Control of social evils-dowry, child marriage
  • Awareness building on child labor laws, motivation &counseling;
  • Bridge school for child laborers & subsequent school enrolment;
  • Vocational training & rehabilitation of liberated girl child laborers;

Child labor is one of the major issues of the area, the main reason being poverty.  It is true that unless a multi-dimensional approach to mitigate poverty is taken up war food basis, child labor cannot be reduced.  However some measures to address the immediate issues are to be taken up.  Hence child labor awareness building, especially on child labor laws, through cultural programs, audio visual aids, seminars, workshops, posters, etc. are taken up in all the villages. Bridge course for school dropout and working children.  Day and night schools, vocational trainings for child laborers and awareness camps for parents and public.

  • Enhanced status and respect for girls at home and in the society;
  • Declining child labor & social evils like dowry, child marriage.


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