Community Health  


  • Health awareness camps;
  • Training of village based health workers;
  • Preventive and curative measures;
  • Promotion of herbal medicines;
  • Herbal Medicinal plants and income generation; mother and child health care and balwadi centers;
  • Eradication of superstitions & sorcery
  • 120 trained village health workers;
  • Balwadi centers managed by CBOs;
  • Reduction in IMR & MMR;
  • Wider use of herbal medicines;
  • Savings on health exchequers;
  • Village health monitoring teams.
  • Health awareness and training of Village Health Workers (VHW);
  • Curative & preventive services made available at doorstep;
  • Herbal medicines, herbal gardening and income generation;
  • Mother and child care and balwadi centers.

Preventive and curative health services through trained Village Health Workers, who are equipped with medical kits, made available at door step at affordable rate.  Balwadi Centres for physical and mental health development of young children established in each village with trained teacher and managed by respective Sanghams.

  • Enhanced health awareness & preventive measures and reduction in IMR & MMR, savings on health exchequers
  • Wider demand for herbal medicines and growing herbal gardens;
  • Active village health monitoring teams in all the villages


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