Network and Sustainability  


  • Organizational and program sustainability;
  • Network of CBOs and VOs within and outside the state;
  • Wider solidarity building and development of market linkages;
  • Sustainable Integrated Area Development process
  • Network of COBs from different areas – regular monthly meetings;
  • Over16 VOs of the district joined hands for SIAD; (policy further action plan in progress)
  • Emergence of advocacy and pressure group of CBOs in the district; Developed linkages with women sanghams in other states for solidarity and market linkage.
  • Mandal, District and State level Net work of CBOs;
  • District, State and Inter State level network of Voluntary Organizations for advocacy
  • Promoting Sustainable Integrated Area Development through Network of VOs & CBOs.
  • Promoting national network of CBOs and like minded NGOs for wider solidarity and direct exchange of agro products;

Promotion of a national network for solidarity and exchange of products is an innovative idea of SDDPA for better marketing of agro products where in the producers get one rupee more for their products and consumers get quality assured product at reasonable rate.  In between some unemployed women in rural, semiurban and urban area get an employment opportunity and income through value addition, processing and facilitating through forwarding of agro products.  The huge expenses on advertisement and heavy profit of middle men are avoided and the amount is shared among the participants.

  • Regular meetings of CBO network ;
  • Emergence of CBO network as district level advocacy and pressure group
  • Wider federation and solidarity paving way for possible market linkages.


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