Sustainable Agriculture– Organic/Bio farming  


  • Training & exposure for advanced agriculture practices;
  • Soil &water management;
  • Water saving croppattern;
  • IPM;
  • Promotion of Bio-farming;
  • Organic and bio pesticides and fertilizers-training production & propagation;
  • Quality seed production and seed bank;
  • Sustainable agriculture.
  • Wider practice of Bio-Farming;
  • Over 1000 ha. Horticulture;
  • Model IPM Village;
  • Own lab for production of bio-pesticides;
  • Over 500 farmers taken up vermicomposting;
  • Neem oil extraction unit;
  • Quality seed availabitity;
  • Effective water management practices;
  • Less input and better output in agriculture;
  • Awareness camps on health hazards from agro-chemical residues in food grains;
  • Capacity Building in  organic/bio farming, soil, water, crop and integrated pest anagement;
  • Promotion of sustainable agriculture – agro-forestry, horticulture;
  • Quality seed production & model organic villages for interaction.

Training, demonstration, exposure trips, etc for more scientific, adaptable and climate friendly agriculture practices with better income through organic and bio-fertilizers and pest controllers. Agriculture is the major, nay only livelihood option of majority population of the area.  Due to deteriorating  soil fertility, declining yield,  receding ground water level, disappearing flora and fauna, disappearing greenery, spiraling cost of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, growing over dependency on agro chemicals, forgotten good old practices of rejuvenation of soil with bio mass and organic manure, declining livestock population and there by non-availability of organic manure, etc. rendered agriculture a gamble.  More and more debt-ridden farmers resort to suicide.  The drought prone area of A.P. mostly go for Dryland agriculture, depending on monsoon.  The evading monsoon further aggravate the pathetic situation.  At this juncture it is highly essential to resort to alternate cost effective methods in agriculture while ensuring enrichment of natural resources and not exploitation of natural resources.

  • Growing organic/bio farmers, agro-forestry, horticulture;
  • Availability of bio and botanical pesticides and fertilizers locally  and at affordable rate;


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    Sustainable Agriculture– Organic/Bio farming  
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